Even the Smoke Alarms are Getting Smarter

By Tom Pritchard on at

Smart smart smart. Everything has to be smart these days, especially if it's a typically mundane device that has sat in our homes for decades without needing any high tech features. IFA is literally filled with such devices, with companies from all over the world trying to show off their products and deliver them to the hands of the public. Netatmo is one of the companies that's been doing this for a while, and the latest announcement is a smart smoke alarm - because earsplitting noise and smoke detection isn't quite enough.

But existing alarms are only really useful when you're actually at home to hear them, and there's no beating that simple and effective function. Rather than trying to reinvent the devices you have in your home, Netatmo's smart smoke alarm seems to be designed to complement what we have already. So in addition to firing off an 85dB alarm, the smoke alarm will also send a notification to your phone telling you it's detected smoke in a specific area of the house. That way you can call 999 and get some firefighters round pronto. Netatmo hopes this will end up cutting the response time, and stop fires before they get too severe.

Naturally, if the WiFi goes down the smoke alarm will still work as a smoke alarm. It just won't send any notifications to your phone until the connection comes back.

The smart smoke alarm is also designed to reduce the issues people face with smoke alarm effectiveness, especially where the battery is concerned. Rather than running out every couple of years, and requiring extensive testing, Netatmo claims the smart smoke alarm has enough battery power to last a full ten years. This is, of course, assuming that your smoke alarm runs on batteries and isn't wired into the mains.

The smart smoke alarm is wireless, and is constantly checking its systems to ensure that the battery, WiFi, and sensors arr working correctly - the results of which can be accessed through the Netatmo app. The app also lets you remotely test the alarm works during your annual check, and lets you connects with both IFTTT and Apple HomeKit for some sort of improved smart home integration.

The Smart Smoke Alarm is available to pre-order today, ready for an 8th October release, with a £89.99 pricetag. It's available at Amazon, John Lewis, CEF, and Netatmo's own website.