Every True Star Wars Fan Needs Their Own Pair of Han Solo's Gold Dice

By Tom Pritchard on at

The presence of Han's golden dice is one of those smaller details from the original Star Wars that nobody really noticed until the release of The Force Awakens. They kind of vanished in Empire and Jedi, , only to return 30 years later and play a key role in both The Last Jedi and Solo. Now, if you're quick about it, you'll be able to own a pair for yourself. Officially licensed by Lucasfilm and everything.

The Limited Edition dice are a Zavvi exclusive, and are apparently the only officially licensed 1:1 replicas that are going on sale anywhere in the world. They're also only having a single manufacturing run, meaning once they're gone they're gone. There's no information on how many are being made, but the die-hard Star Wars fans should make sure to get their orders in as soon as they go on sale.

The good news is that they're not already available, so you have some time to prepare and make sure you get get your order in. They go on sale at 12pm (BST) tomorrow afternoon (7th) for £14.99 plus 99p postage. That isn't a particularly bad price, especially since other licensed Star Wars collectables have a tendency to come with hefty pricetags. Clearly desperate nerds have pretty deep wallets when it comes to this sort of thing.

You can head to this page if you want to drop your email address and receive notifications about the dice, or you can go straight to the product page itself. It says that they're sold out, but that's only a placeholder for the time being. They'll definitely be available to buy tomorrow.