Famous Fatberg Decomposes Live on YouTube

By Gary Cutlack on at

The celebrity fatberg that was pulled out piece by piece from a London sewer is building upon its status as a work of art by expanding into the video streaming world, with fatberg enthusiasts now able to watch the lump of festering lard fester, live, on YouTube.

This is exactly what YouTube viewers want, thinks the Museum of London, which is broadcasting the decomposition of the greaseball live, 24 hours a day. As interesting as this initially seems, the reality is that not much happens, other than the creation of one of the most perfect metaphors for YouTube content the world has yet seen.

Here it is, live, slowly developing a culture of yellow pustules that experts believe to be aspergillus.

The useless lump sits there, slowly decaying and losing its integrity, while people fail to see what all the fuss is about. That's YouTube all right. Like and subscribe to see the further adventures of the fatberg, including the one where it inevitably starts going racist. [Museum of London]