Fans Translated the Wakandan Text on Black Panther's Suit, and It's Really Sweet

By Julie Muncy on at

Some Easter Eggs just make us feel good.

Over on the Movie Details subreddit, which specializes in finding neat, hard-to-notice things in films, the user u/thecruiser has revealed some interesting details about the suit upgrade given to T’Challa early on in Black Panther. As it powers up, if one looks close, there is a scroll of Wakandan text that flows across the chest of the suit. With careful timing, that text can be seen and translated.

Using the Wakandan translators available on the internet, thecruiser did just that (click through to the Reddit post to see the image, Reddit embeds hate us).

What does it say? One prominent snippet toward the middle of the screen reads, “I love you, Mom.”

Aww. Isn’t that sweet? See, Black Panther really is a story about family.

Featured image: Marvel Studios