Fat Post Boxes for Parcels Make Life Easier for eBayers

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal Mail is doing something new with post boxes. This could tear the nation apart worse than Brexit. It has created a super-fat-mouthed post box variant for parcels that's out on trial right now, and is designed to serve the significant proportion of the population that ekes out a living from posting out packages every day.

On trial right now in Northampton and Leicester, Royal Mail has installed 30 of the parcel post boxes to see if people can use them properly or it's it all going to be called off because drunk people poo in them, with the post operators claiming, somewhat dramatically and probably not really that truthfully, that this is the biggest change to the post box system we've seen in 160 years.

Obviously it won't be that much use for anyone bar pro sender-outers who can frank or be bothered to pre-pay their own packages at home, but it could make visiting the post office in the daytime a bit more bearable if the local eBayer and his or her 17 stupid little bundles of pound shop tat being sold on for £1.20 are taken out of the queue. [Royal Mail via ITV]