Fortnite Comes To Android - And Samsung Note 9 Owners Get It First

By James O Malley on at

Hey, you know that thing you don't understand that all the kids like? Today, Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite is finally coming to Android - with Samsung owners at the front of the queue.

Speaking at Unpacked 2018, at Samsung's launch event for the Note 9, CEO Tim Sweeney revealed that owners of the new Note 9 or the Samsung Tab 4 will be able to get an early invite to play the game's beta, long before other handheld gamers can get their fix of their baffling game on the go.

The first invites will apparently go out this week, and to sweeten the deal, Tab 4 and Note 9 owners will get access to a special "Galaxy" skin, which is exactly the sort of artificial scarcity that will drive kids - and their parents - insane.

It isn't clear what the timescale is on the game coming to other Android handsets, but we'll keep you posted about when. At least, assuming that your nine year old doesn't tell you about it first.