Galaxy Note 9 Leaks are so Popular, Even Samsung's Doing It

By Tom Pritchard on at

Six days. That's how long you'll have to wait if you want to stop hearing about Galaxy Note 9 leaks. The phone's due to be announced on 9th August (next Thursday), but the leaks get more and more detailed. The latest one to hit the net comes from a very unlikely source: Samsung. It seems that leaking is such a cool and popular activity the company just can't help itself.

Or someone cocked up and accidentally published a promo video a week early. That seems like the far more likely explanation since the company seems to be going round the net having the leaked video removed from the major video sites. It's still up there, and here's a copy we ripped ourselves. Take a look before this gets taken down as well:

It gives us a nice look at the blue variant of the phone from various angles, unlike yesterday's terrible leak, along with the new yellow S-Pen that's hiding inside the chassis. Bit of a colour clash if you ask me, but fortunately render leaks show the other models don't have that same issue. It also reveals a confirms a few smaller details including support for up to 1TB of storage, confirming on screen that the Note 9 supports up to 512GB of expandable storage and that there will be a 512GB variant. It's still not clear which markets that will be available in. There's also the "all-day battery", which could mean anything. Is that 24 hours of use? 12? Eight? It's impossible to tell.

it also confirms the horizontal camera layout, the presence of the curved Edge display (which needs to die a death for being pointless and adding to the cost of the phone), and the continuing existence of the headphone jack.

Despite the leak there's still a lot that needs to be confirmed, and we're just going to have to wait a little while longer. Still we can probably expect more of these details to leak out from official sources over the next six days, because that's how things inevitably go. Keep your eyes peeled for more. [Engadget]