Hands-on Video Leak Gives us a Very Bad Look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you like phone leaks, Samsung, and watching terribly recorded vertical videos, boy do I have some good news for you. A hands-on video has leaked showing off what appears to be Samsung's Galaxy Note 9, but the sad news is that it's a shit video. Not only is the quality bad, whichever dumbass recorded it decided vertical filming was the way to go.

As you can see the video doesn't show off a huge amount, other than corroborating the many reports that have said the incoming phone will have a horizontal camera layout positioned above a fingerprint scanner. There's no notch, as expected, and the pointless curved edge display is still mysteriously a thing. It could be a fake, but considering it's coming from retailer Mobile Fun it feels a little bit more credible than xxXRandomUtuberyoloswag69Xx.

We don't get to see anything that hasn't already been leaked, especially since official-looking renders hit the web within the last couple of weeks, but it's kind of nice to see a real phone. They're a bit more exciting than a CGI recreation designed to sell you a new case.

There's only a week to go until Samsung officially reveals the Note 9 and inevitably confirms everything we've heard is true. While it admitted Galaxy S9 sales were rather slow, it seems quite confident the Note 9 will be better. After all it has a Bluetooth S-Pen, which totally makes it stand out from the very similar S9+.

People in the US can already pre-pre-order through thethe Samsung website. We don't even have a price, yet Samsung is betting people are so excited for the phone they're willing to reserve their place in line and agree to pre-order before launch day. Little bit weird, I'll be honest. [Slashgear]