HS2 is Already Transporting Gravy to Staff Troughs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Outrage has been sparked by HS2, and it hasn't even got so far as cancelling services and laying on replacement buses for an entire bank holiday weekend. This outrage is to do with staff salaries, with data showing that a significant chunk of its current staff are already staggering under the weight of all the money they're taking home in the boots of their Audis.

Some Freedom on Information requests filed by The Times has found that very nearly one quarter of all HS2 staff are earning over the £100,000 mark, which is quite the take home lump sum considering all they're doing at the moment is sitting around a map coming up with new ways to get from London to Birmingham without having to buy too many people's back gardens off them or relocate graveyards.

This is fine, says HS2, because at this stage in the project it only has 1,346 full time staff, and because we're early on in the build there's a high weighting towards suited consultants and bearded engineers who tend to need to be paid more handsomely than the people who'll be serving the coffee and resetting the onboard routers in 2027. 112 of these current staff are on more than £150k, which, on reflection, is probably fair enough given the large number of angry village hall consultations they have to attend.

A further £600 million was spent hiring various consultants last year, too. [The Times via Sky News]