Infinity War's Epic Thanos Fight Would Have Made a Killer 16-Bit Video Game Boss Battle

By Andrew Liszewski on at

As hyper-realistic as modern video game graphics look, the blocky, pixelated aesthetic of the 16-bit era still has a certain charm. And as animator John Stratman demonstrates with his video game de-make of Avengers: Infinity War, all those superheroes working together would have made for a fantastic side-scrolling adventure.

The first half of this video features Stratman’s wonderful 16-bit treatment of this summer’s biggest blockbuster, but the second half compares it side-by-side to the actual film so you can see how true it is to the original—save for the incredibly limited colour palette he had to work with.

27 years ago this game would have been a must-have for your console, and knowing that Thanos inevitably wins in the end, and that half of your characters would be wiped out with a finger snap, would have been another great reason to buy a Game Genie to cheat and tip the odds back in your favour. [h/t Tastefully Offensive]