International Uber Rival Launches in South Wales

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a new alternative to Uber up and running in some of the more densely urbanised valleys of South Wales, with Indian cab-hailing app Ola now launched in Cardiff, Newport and the Vale of Glamorgan.

The selling point is that it offers access both to its fleet of private hire vehicles and the alternative option to book a regular taxi, plus there's a "ride later" option (ooh-er etc) that lets passengers book taxis in advance. I don't know if Uber does that already because I live in the countryside where you shit yourself with excitement at seeing a bus and don't know about such things.

If you live in the catchment area and bang the Android or iOS app on your phone there's a chance you could grab one of a limited number of discounted rides it's offering to celebrate its official arrival today.

Apparently it's all good and no one's threatening Uber-style legal problems or carrying out mass tyre-slashings yet, with Ola's UK boss Ben Legg saying: "Over recent weeks, Ola has received positive feedback from drivers in South Wales and looks forward to providing passengers with a dynamic, new responsible service. We are determined to do a great job for the community and work closely with local authorities to help with their mobility goals." [BBC]