Joanna Lumley Might Have to Pay for the Bridge That Never Happened

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Garden Bridge that was proposed to span the Thames but then never did because people came to their senses for once, could return to haunt the trustees behind the concept. One legal expert thinks the initial backers may have overstepped their responsibilities in promoting the idea and sloshing the money about before all permissions were granted, which could leave them liable for some of the £46m cost shouldered by the Department for Transport and Transport for London.

That's according to public and procurement law expert Jason Coppel QC, who says the trustees may have breached their obligation "to act with reasonable skill and care" in getting a construction contract in place with construction firm Bouygues.

As the trust behind the Garden Bridge project is a registered charity, its trustees could be held personally liable for any problems. Hence legal people are now circling, looking at many options, including taking action against the Charity Commission or TfL to possibly recoup the public money invested in the failed occasionally-private garden bridge dream. [Architect's Journal via The Times]