John McAfee Doubles Down, Mocks Those Who Say They Hacked the Unhackable Crypto Wallet

By Tom Pritchard on at

John McAfee insists that the Bitfi, his secure cryptocurrency wallet, is unhackable. Even though people have rooted it, ported Doom onto it, and broke into intercept communications for a 'man in the middle' attack. But McAfee is unimpressed. The man best known for his work on anti-virus software and various eccentricities has insisted that none of this matter as long as the cryptocoins remain safe.

While he does make a good point, in that the coins have not been removed by an unauthorised person or group, McAfee has been called out for the overly specific terms of the $250,00 bounty offered to anyone who can remove the $120 stored in the wallet. According to Andrew Tierney, better known on Twitter as @cybergibbons, the bounty itself is a strawman that lets Bitfi claim the wallet is unhackable when it's not.

"'Unhackable' means cannot be hacked and will not ever be hacked by any means. This is the only definition we accept."

Meanwhile Bitfi claims that Tierney has been "cleverly twisting things that were said out of context," and that nobody has come forward to claim either the main $250,000 bounty or the $10,000 secondary 'man in the middle attack' bounty. While Tierney's hit back at the claims on Twitter, he has confirmed to CNET that none of his team has been in contact with Bitfi about the secondary bounty.

Clearly McAfee isn't going to happy until the coins are gone, insisting that the wallet is definitely as secure as has been claimed. Then we have the researchers who have evidence to the contrary, but that apparently isn't good enough.  I suspect that this ongoing pseudo-feud isn't going to end anytime soon. [The Inquirer | CNET]

Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr