KFC Naughty-Stepped for Advertising a Milkshake Near a School

By Gary Cutlack on at

The protectors of the children and the guardians of the advertising world have given KFC a telling off, after the meat fryer was caught advertising one of its presumably sugar-packed drink treats on a phone box near a school.

That could've encouraged a child to pester an adult to purchase such drink, which they may have then drunk and gone "Mmmm!" then got fat for ever, according to the Advertising Standards Authority, hence KFC has been told not to do it again and to have someone look at a map of schools the next time it sticks ads for milkshakes up outside. KFC said it was an accident and blamed an outside media agency, so that's all fine and only a few stone in weight was gained by local children; weight they've probably all sweated off already in the heatwave.

The complaint was made by the Obesity Health Alliance, which also registered its anger with a TV advert for Coco Pops Granola placed within an old episode of Mr Bean by Kellogg's. Kellogg's said this was all fine because Coco Pops Granola is not an HFSS (high fat, sugar or salt) product so it can advertise it during whatever crap kids watch. The ASA ruled that because it used convicted sugar dealer Coco the Monkey in the advert it was therefore sort of also furthering the Coco Pops brand in general, hence should not be allowed.

Kellogg's has been told to invent a time machine and go back and stop it happening in the first place, or if that's not technically possible even using the best brains the cereal development world has to offer, to not do it again. [ASA via BBC]