Land Rover Develops Spill-Resistant Bowls and Pet Showers for Dogs of the Nouveau Riche

By Gary Cutlack on at

Jaguar Land Rover has been doing a bit of thinking about what the owners of its cars really need, and the team has come up with some pet-based solutions that could keep your favourite animal friend Instagram-ready at all times, including an integrated Land Rover branded dog shower.

This is but one part of a new pet-based range of accessories buyers can add to the spec when ordering a new Land/Range Rover to replace the slightly dirty 2017 model they've put 400 miles on, with option prices starting at £360.37 — plus the fairly horrendous matter of the additional cost of an entire Evoque or Velar to put it all in the back of.

Buyers may treat their dogs to a premium quilted load space liner, a foldable pet carrier, an easy access ramp for arthritic terriers that can't get in the back of one of today's fashionably high rolling vehicles, that "spill-resistant" water bowl and a little dog-washing portable rinse system, in case you've got one of the rare types of dog that doesn't try to bite your neck out when you go near it with a hose pipe, a nervous smile and some dog shampoo (not supplied). [Land Rover via Top Gear]