Legal or Not, Facebook's Banning the Sale of Kodi Boxes

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you pay close attention to news stories involving the sale of Kodi boxes and other illicit streaming hardware, you may notice that perpetrators often get away with selling their wares on social media. When retailers are under pressure to prevent listings of such items, social media is the easiest way for people to reach a wide audience. But no longer, because Facebook is banning them from being sold on its platform - regardless of the legality.

Facebook specifically name-dropped Kodi as well, saying that any streaming device running the media centre software is now banned from being sold. The social network already banned the sale of 'fully loaded' streaming boxes that are sold with piracy-enabling add-ons out of the box, and this is just a step further.  The rule change, as detailed on the prohibited content page, also includes jailbroken devices.

The good news is that it only applies to devices with Kodi pre-installed, since pretty much every device is capable of running the software. The bad news is that this is just another case of the media centre platform being used as another word for piracy - something the developers have worked hard to avoid. Even anti-piracy groups themselves have noted the problem stems from third party developers, not Kodi itself.

According to CordCuttersNews anyone caught selling Kodi devices could have their account banned, which means anyone looking for a box capable of streaming content illegally is going to have to look elsewhere. [CoreCutterNews via TorrentFreak]