Lego Create The World Trading Cards Are Now Available in Sainsbury's

By Kim Snaith on at

Last week, we reported that Sainsbury's was going to be bringing back the Lego Create the World trading cards. As of today, they're now available in stores. This time, the collection is called 'Create the World: Incredible Inventions'.

As promised, Sainsbury's Twitter bot did a stand-up job of letting everyone who opted in by liking a previous tweet know of their return by directly tweeting a little video at them.

As the video says, there will once again be 140 cards to collect, and you'll get a pack of four cards for every £10 you spend in Sainsbury's. The offer is also available on Sainsbury's Online, too. You do the maths – that means you'll need to spend £350 in store to bag 140 cards, and of course you'll get tonnes of duplicates in there. Packs of cards can also be bought by themselves for 50p, which amounts to a measly £17.50 for 140 cards. That seems like a much more sensible option if you're desperate to collect them, unless you already do your regular shopping at Sainsbury's.

There's a lot of smallprint, too, stating that you can't earn cards on purchases like fuel, prescriptions, baby formula, alcohol, lottery tickets, stamps, gift cards or carrier bags.

If you're collecting the cards and want a nice album to store them in, they can be purchased in store for £2.50. Each album also comes with two free packs of cards.

The trading cards are only available for a limited time though: you have until the 8th October to grab 'em in store. Although I suppose there's always eBay after that. If you want more information, visit the official page on Sainsbury's website.