Lego Seems to be Back at Board Games, as Ludo is Spotted in the Wild

By Tom Pritchard on at

Several years ago Lego made the decision to get into the board game business, developing new and classic games out of Lego pieces for everyone to enjoy. From what I recall this was met fairly well, but in recent years we haven't seen much of that. There's the Iconic Chess Set that went on sale last year and the Guess Who clone that just got discontinued, but that's about it. If you miss the blend of Lego and table-top gaming, there's good news because someone's spotted Lego Ludo in the wild.

A Brickset user spotted 40198 Lego Ludo Game in the Berlin Lego store for €40. From the looks of things it's an exact replica of the traditional game, albeit with minifigures and the use of a spinning wheel instead of a dice. There are 16 minifigures includes, comprised of eight different designs, but presumably there's nothing to stop you using figures from your own collection. Just remember who owns Captain American and who owns Batman, or else things will get a bit confusing.

It's a little bit weird that this would appear without so much as an announcement from Lego, and that it would appear in one of its own physical shops before hitting the Lego Store website. But hey, there's not much we can do about that. According to Brickset Lego Ludo is set to go on sale on 1st September, and while we don't have a UK price just yet you can probably expect it to be somewhere between £30 and £40.

Fun fact: Ludo is the Latin for 'I Play' while Lego is based on the Danish 'Leg Godt' which means play well. So essentially the game is called 'Play Well I Play' if you do a full English translation. [Brickset via Brick Fanatics]

Image: blade_guy/Brickset