Lego's Geoffrey Brickheadz Figure is the Latest Casualty of Toys R Us's Demise

By Tom Pritchard on at

Toys R Us's financial woes meant it shut down its operations in the US and UK, which is a shame to a great many children and childish adults everywhere. While some sections of the company continue to soldier on in other parts of the world, the latest casualty we have to contend with is the fact we'll never have the chance to buy this Brickheadz figure of the company's giraffe mascot Geoffrey.

The set hasn't been officially announced, for obvious reasons, but someone discovered the instructions inside Lego's customer service section and revealed it to the world. Those instructions seem to have been taken down now, but if you've ever bought or seen a Brickheadz figure you'll know what you could have expected from the set. It's got exactly the same design as the rest, albeit with a long neck between the head and torso. It is supposed to be a giraffe after all.

It's possible that Brickheadz Geoffrey could be released in countries where Toys R Us still survives, in which case you can expect a number of them to end up on eBay for ridiculous amounts of money. Sadly, until we get some confirmation from the Lego company we're going to have to assume that Geoffrey is never going to see the light of day. [Brickset]