Lego's Newest Sub-Site is Teasing the Upcoming Overwatch Range

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in May Activision confirmed that as part of its push to develop Overwatch-themed toys, it was partnering with the Lego Company to create brickified versions of Blizzard's strangely-popular multiplayer shooter. We had absolutely no details about what was to come at the time, but Lego has started teasing the launch with an Overwatch-themed sub-site.

The site was first spotted by The Brick Fan, and currently contains absolutely nothing of note. All we can gleam from it is that Overwatch sets are 'coming soon'. But hopefully this means we're going to start seeing some details about the first sets fairly soon, rather than relying on rumours.

And there are plenty of rumours. Brick Fanatics received a tip-off that the new range was set to be released on January of next year, though was later informed that the sets would be launched to coincide with an Overwatch TV series that's rumoured to be coming to Netflix. Further confusing thing was Senior Lego Designer Mark Stafford who confirmed he was working on the Overwatch sets when speaking to Eurobricks in May.

He said it would be a "month or three" before the company could share details, which would suggest we're not far away from getting some solid details from either Activision or Lego. We're not that far away from Gamescom, which is the biggest gaming industry event after E3. Since San Diego Comic Con has already been and gone, this would be the ideal place to unveil any gaming-themed merchandise - Overwatch included.

According to Brick Fanatics' sources, we can probably expect six regular minifigure-scale sets alongside "a supporting range of minifigure focused packs with key accessories." Whether that means smaller, cheaper minifgure centric sets, or minifig blind bags is unclear. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if the blindbags were on the cards. [The Brick Fan via Brick Fanatics]