LG is Rolling out Google Assistant to TVs in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've all noticed that recent trend of AI assistants hitting gadgets, letting you control them with your voice rather than upending the sofa to find the remote for the millionth time. That trend has been extending to TVs the past 12 months or so, and the latest adoptee is LG who have announced TVs in the UK will be getting an update with Google Assistant.

This isn't a new thing for LG, since it already announced that certain US ThinQ TVs would be getting Google Assistant back in May. But now it's been confirmed for the UK and other parts of the world, including Canada, Germany, France, South Korea, and Australia. The downside is that Assistant isn't coming to every single TV. You'll need to have a 2018 TV with AI ThinQ built in, and you also can expect to wait untilĀ Q4 for the rollout to reach you. So that's anytime between October and December.

If you don't want to wait, Google Home owners can link their speaker to their TV for remote voice control. That's a feature currently exclusive to English-speaking countries, in case you want to feel special for living in one. If you're not a fan of Google you can also link up compatible TVs to Amazon's Alexa. That's been available here for a while, so there's no wait involved there either.

Of course having Assistant on your TV is going to offer more than just the chance to control your TV with your voice. It also lets you sync up to any Assistant-compatible smart home devices dotted around your house, so you don't necessarily need to be in range of whatever device you use to control them already. Assuming your TV is on, of course.

Anyone going to IFA next week will also be able to check out the TVs for themselves, and see what Google-powered TV control actually looks like. [LG via Pocket Lint]