Lidl's the Latest Supermarket to Offer Wonky Fruit and Veg Boxes, Only Wants £1.50 for 5kg

By Tom Pritchard on at

In the past supermarkets have been really picky about the quality of food they stock. Or rather, they only want the perfectly shaped blemish-free produce that looks pretty on the shelves. Unfortunately plants don't work that way and do come out in all sorts of wonky shapes. In a bid to cut down on waste a number of them have been offering 'wonky veg boxes' at a low price, in an attempt to get people buying and Lidl has just joined their ranks.

The 'It’s Too Good to Waste' scheme is just a trial taking place in 122 Lidl locations for the time being, and you'll only be able to buy the boxes between 8 and 10am. If it's successful Lidl will expand the idea, and could save as much as 10,000 tonnes of food waste each year. Frankly, it's fucking obscene that this much food is currently going to waste. I hope that this is just a case of stuff not selling, and Lidl finding other uses for it rather than throwing it away. Fortunately it's promised that anything leftover from the trial will be donated to charity.

This is all part of Lidl's pledge to reduce food waste by 25 per cent by 2020, a goal that it's already more than halfway towards achieving. It's a great idea, especially since 5kg of fruit and vegetables is a bargain - even if you don't want to eat everything that's included. If that's the case, though, try and find some use for it rather than throwing it away. [Metro]