London Pub Sells Really Expensive Craft Beer Shock

By Gary Cutlack on at

Haha, guess what? Someone in London, maybe even more than one person (we don't know), has paid around £22 for one pint of beer. This is not the norm down there now (yet), as this is an unusually expensive beer, even for the big city. It's also an amazingly pretentious, special, extremely alcoholic beer, yours for the price of just six common man beers.

It's imported US-brewed Speedway Stout Hawaiian Special Edition, which has an alcohol content of 12 per cent, putting it well into the corner shop special brew category of memory eraser. Hence the pubs that stock it, and are part of the Craft Beer Co chain that covers London and Brighton, are advising customers to only order one third of a pint of it at a time, to mitigate both its extreme alcohol content and the fact that a round of three full pints of the stuff would cost £66. At least you'd soon forget how much you spent.

The Speedway Stout has an "ominous, pitch-black appearance" to match the near-future mental and financial state of its drinker. The makers say you should drink it alongside beef and cheese, although we'd suggest pairing it with a burger and a quick nap in a bin. [AleSmith via Sky News]