Looks Like the UK is Really Getting Behind This 'Paid Streaming' Fad

By Tom Pritchard on at

The option to access media on the internet has been available for a very long time. As long as it's been possible, people have flocked to their computers to watch videos, listen to music, and on. Streaming has taken that to an extreme, and in a way that's far more pleasant and convenient than traditional methods. So it should be no surprise than nearly half of British adults are paying to stream content.

According to the Office of National Statistics, 46 per cent of British adults had used Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or now TV in the 90 days leading up their questioning. That's an increase of 29 per cent from 2016, which is the last time the ONS bothered to check up on this data. As for YouTube, arguably the most popular free video streaming service out there, the numbers rose from 47 per cent to  62 per cent.

Not to be left behind and forgotten, music streaming has also seen an absurd rise over the past two years. 58 per cent of people claimed to have streamed some sort of music, up from 49 per cent. Still neither video nor music can compete with the thrill of sending or receiving emails, something 84 per cent of people did over the past quarter.

Internet use itself has gone up, with 86 per cent of over-16s saying they use the internet every day. The previous figure 80 per cent. Despite this 10 per cent of households still don't have access to the internet, but for the first time ever 100 per cent of households with children had some form of internet access.

There's a lot more data to crunch, including internet habits of various groups over the past 10-12 years, all of which you can find here. [BBC News]