Man Banned From Being a Boss After Awarding Himself Five Stars

By Gary Cutlack on at

A restaurant owner from Derby has been banned from being a restaurant owner – or any other kind of business operator – for five years, after awarding his own restaurant an entirely authority-less five star review and advertising it in local press.

What particularly annoyed local health and safety inspectors is that the business had previously been awarded only one star for its hygiene levels, a star that was later downgraded to zero when the owner refused to make amends and try to get the premises up to scratch. Regardless of what council officials said, though, he took out an advert in the local press in which he claimed his restaurant had in fact scored a five-star rating. On his own scale. Awarded and adjudicated by himself.

Oh no you can't do that it just ain't right, said the Derby City Council Food Safety Inspectors, and prosecuted him for unfair commercial practices. Because he couldn't pay the resulting fine he was later also investigated by the Insolvency Service which disqualified him from running a business for five years too.

Dave Elliott from the Insolvency Service said: "A zero food hygiene rating should have rung alarm bells for Rushan Ahmed and forced him to get his house in order. But he decided to publish a bogus 5-star hygiene rating designed to draw in business by making a false representation for commercial gain." [GOV]

Image credit: Unsplash