Manky 50-Year-Old Apollo Space Food up for Auction

By Gary Cutlack on at

This charming bit of plastic full of ancient brown stuff is one of the highlights of a forthcoming auction of a space enthusiast's entire collection, as it's an actual relic from the Apollo moon landing series. It's a grapefruit and pineapple drink designed to be casually consumed while in orbit around the moon. They think it'll sell for as much as £500 even though it's 50 years past its best.

The full auction catalogue [PDF] tells you how keen people are on any Apollo space debris, as for less than the price of one mouldy Apollo relic you could have a full space suit from the Russian Mir programme, which has been given a modest guide price of around £300. But then you can only put it on and pretend to be the historical space baddies.

Other highlights from the sale of the Phill Parker Collection of Space Exploration Memorabilia include bolts from the space shuttle (£400), wires from the pre-Apollo Mercury capsules (£80 - £500), and an Apollo lunar module lander ascent stage rocket valve (£2,000) that's been test fired on earth but isn't one of the bits that actually went to the moon. [Hansons via BBC]