Marvel's Avengers Station Lands in London in November

By Kim Snaith on at

A fan of Marvel's Avengers? Fancy getting more immersed in its world and learn more about each of the Avengers? If you do, there's an event launching at London's ExCel exhibition centre on 29th November. Marvel's Avengers Station is an immersive, interactive experience that puts its guests at the heart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Avengers Station has set up exhibitions all across the world so far, with London following in the footsteps of New York, Paris, Singapore, Seoul, Beijing, and Taipei. The experience has become a permanent tourist attraction in Las Vegas.

The exhibition will have sets and props from across the Avengers film series, including Iron Man's suits and Captain America's personnel file. Visitors will be able to check out Bruce Banner's lab, where the doctor transforms into The Hulk. There's also the Thor Observatory, where visitors can attempt (and presumably fail) to lift Thor's hammer.

The Marvel's Avengers Station experience has been created with help from NASA, who have been able to inject an advanced dose of technology in order to bring the exhibition to life.

Avengers Station opens at ExCel London on 29th November. It's not clear how long it will be staying for. If you're interested, you can register for pre-sale tickets at the official website.