McDonald's' Latest Trial is to See Whether People Want Bacon on Their Cheesburgers

By Tom Pritchard on at

McDonald's double cheeseburger has been around for a long time, but recently it's been possible to add extras using the customisation menu on the self-service machines. Extras that include bacon, because as we all know adding bacon is like adding cheese - it's always an improvement. But now McDonald's is going to make it easier, by launching an official bacon double cheeseburger in select branches.

64 McDonald's locations will be adding the bacon double cheeseburger to the menu, with the aim of launching it nationwide if it's a success. If your local doesn't offer it, you're going to have to go into the customisation options and pay an extra 40p instead. Sorry.

The bacon version is exactly the same as a regular double cheeseburger, except it has bacon and costs £1.99. That's 50p more than the regular double cheeseburger, and 10p more than adding bacon to the original. The good new is that you get two strips of bacon for that price, rather than the usual one. So it's not quite as overpriced as it initially seems. It also has 495 calories, which is 50 more than the standard bacon-less double cheeseburger.

The bacon double cheeseburger is rolling out today, and if you like McDonald's cheeseburgers you should be excited about this. Unless you've opted for a pork-free lifestyle that still lets you eat beef. A full list of participating restaurants is available on the McDonald's website. I'll warn you now, it looks like they're all in various parts of the Midlands. [Metro]