Northern Supermarket Chain Booths is Going Environmental Now Too

By Tom Pritchard on at

Recently we've heard a lot of news about supermarkets doing what they can to reduce their environmental impact - especially where plastic waste is concerned. Now posh Northern supermarket Booths has announced it's going to do some of that stuff as well. Obviously it didn't want to be left out of all the attention received by the national supermarket chains.

Starting next month Booths will be ditching the plastic bags people fill with loose fruit and vegetables, and will instead offer reusable cotton alternatives. That way there are fewer flimsy plastic bags making their way into the sea, and part of a turtle's breakfast. The chain told HuffPost UK that the bags would launch in the Camforth branch in Lancaster, and if they do well they'll be rolled out to the 28 other Booths stores dotted around the north.

Eventually it hopes to kill off all single-use plastic bags in store, replacing them with the 10p bags for life that are commonly found in other supermarket chains. On top of this, the autumn -time will see Booths offering fire logs made from coffee grounds leftover from the in-house coffee machines.

Booths' Chris Stoves said:

“The reduction of plastics is a priority for all our teams, informing buying and packaging choices at all levels of the business.  Reducing plastics in Booths isn’t a one off initiative; it’s a continuous range of changes we’re making to help reduce the reliance on plastic.”

Which is all good. Booths might not be as big and commonplace as Tesco, or Asda, but they're still trying to do their part to reduce our reliance on plastic waste. So if you tend to shop there, you better start remembering to pack your vegetable bags as well as all the other reusable contains you might already use. [HuffPost UK]

Image: Mike Pennington/Geograph