Now TV Would Like You to Watch Football, so its Discounted the 10 Month Sports Pass

By Tom Pritchard on at

I don't pay attention to football if I can help it, so being told that the new season is upon us is news to me. The people who care probably already know that, but what you don't already know is that Sky is willing to go to great lengths to have you hand over your money to watch sportball games on one of its own platforms. That's why the Now TV 10 month sports pass has had a 45 per cent price cut.

The 10 month Now TV Sports pass should cover the whole season, and for a limited time Sky will let you pay £179 instead of £339. That's a £160 saving, and works out at £17.90 a month, in case you can't be bothered doing the maths, and means you can watch all of Sky's football offerings without having to commit to having Sky television installed in your house. If you'd rather the latter, though, Sky is also offering 'two for one', giving customers the chance to subscribe to Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Sports HD for £18 a month on an 18 month contract.

It's also offering a year of NOW Broadband Fab Fibre and a NOW TV Sky Sports Pass for £40 a month. That seems to be a full 12 months of Now TV Sports as well, and includes line rental, which makes this a much more appealing deal if you are thinking about changing your internet provider.

All three deals are only available for a limited time, and are set to expire at 23:59 on 20th August. That gives you two weeks to make up your mind, and decide how you want to consume your football next season. Doesn't necessarily have to be football either, just in case you're more of a rugby fan.