O2 Now Lets You Design Your Own Custom Tariff

By Kim Snaith on at

Today, O2 has launched a brand new service: O2 custom plans. Rather than having set pay monthly packages with a fixed monthly price and fixed amount of data, the idea is to let customers tailor their plan exactly to their tastes. You can choose the handset you want, how much you'd like to pay up front, how many months you want the contract to last for, and how much data you'd like to be included in it.

Payments can be spread anywhere between three to 36 months, and O2 promises that, no matter the length of the contract you choose, you'll be getting 0% APR. And should you opt into a custom tariff, you'll be able to change the amount of data – up or two – every month should your need for data change.

O2 has also announced that all its devices will ship unlocked from the network. That means if you opt for a three-month plan you're free straight away to change to another network if that's what you want to do.

To find out more about O2's custom plans, you can visit the official landing page here.