One London McDonald's is Offering a 'VIP' Table Service

By Tom Pritchard on at

The fact McDonald's offers table service is still a little bit bewildering to me, since you don't really got to a fast food joint to sit down and wait for someone to bring you a plastic tray covered in a miniature heart attack. But it seems the company is willing to see if things can be taken further, with a new 'VIP' table service.

The new thing is taking place in the High Street Kensington McDonald's on 15th August, for one day only. That means the branch is being turned into a luxury restaurant to try and promote the company's 'Signature' range of burgers. That means being greeted by a string quartet, being surrounded with velvet curtains for privacy, and being served the food in the stereotypical 'posh' way - with white gloved-butlers carrying the food under a silver cloche. There's also 'diamond-encrusted' cutlery, in case you;re some sort of savage who thinks they're above eating a burger the proper way.

This is a very limited thing and exclusive event, so the only way to sample this new 'upscale' McDonald's idea is to head over to its website and enter a prize draw. Winners will be informed by Monday 13th with all the relevant details, letting them go down to Kensington and enjoy the weirdest fast food experience imaginable.

There's no word on a dress code, or whether this sort of thing will expand to other parts of the country in the event of successful trial. [Standard]