OnePlus 6's Flickering Screen Issue Will Be Fixed in the Next Update

By Tom Pritchard on at

For a week or so, some OnePlus 6 owners have been noticing that their screen starts flickering when they switch on adaptive brightness. Something was causing the feature to glitch out, and rapidly switch from dark to light non-stop. You can imagine how annoying that must be, especially if you're trying to get things done. The good news is that OnePlus has found a fix, and will be sending it out as part of the next update to OxygenOS.

"As planned, a new Open Beta build for OnePlus 5/5T has been released yesterday, which has a new feedback tool integrated into our community app, and some other system optimizations. Plus, we have noticed feedback from some users regarding the adaptive brightness feature on the OnePlus 6, it will be optimized in the next OTA update. (to be released very soon!)”

Before it sounded as though OnePlus were stumped as to what the problem was, with reports claiming it had been asking affected users for logs, videos, and other evidence to help them sort out a fix, Fortunately it's been found fairly quickly, though it's not entirely clear when the next version of OxygenOS is set to roll out. Ubergizmo points out that the August Android security update hasn't arrived yet, so it shouldn't be that long.

If your phone is being affected you should just keep your adaptive brightness switched off. or at the very least away from 100 per cent power.