OnePlus Phones are Insanely Popular in India

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you talk to people who only just understand that there are smartphones out there not made by Apple, there's a good chance they've never heard of OnePlus. While the company is popular, and makes good phones for a reasonable price, they don't have the same brand recognition in this country. In India that's not really the case, and it certainly explains why the company is willing to give them exclusive access to limited edition versions of the latest OnePlus phones.

A new report from Counterpoint Research says that OnePlus is the most popular phone maker in India, beating both Apple and Samsung for a full quarter with a premium market share of 40 per cent. Samsung, on the other hand, only commands 34 per cent of the premium smartphone market. It's important to remember that this isn't the whole smartphone market, and budget handsets also find themselves incredibly popular with the Indian people - which is why companies like Samsung, Microsoft, and Nokia have released so many there. While Samsung's budget Galaxy J series helped it take the biggest slice of the whole market, this is still a big achievement on OnePlus's part.

The OnePlus 6 itself was naturally the most popular device, owning 30 per cent of the premium market during Q2 2018, which is well above the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus's 12 per cent. The OnePlus 5T still remained popular and was the third most popular device that cost over INR 30,000 (roughly £333). According to 9to5Google that's an increase in sales of over 446 per cent from the previous year and 284 per cent growth from the previous quarter.

Meanwhile Apple seems to be struggling to grasp the Indian market the same way it does here and other western countries. While it commands 14 per cent of the premium smartphone market, it only has one per cent of the total.

So when the OnePlus 6T is released, and we find out that India is getting first dibs on some sort of fancy colour, or a special edition box that isn't available elsewhere, we know exactly why. The Indians who are going out and buying the premium phones are increasingly picking up OnePlus devices. And why wouldn't they. They are plenty of great things about the OnePlus 6, and the cheapest model is more than half the price of the cheapest iPhone X. In a country that seems to like budget handsets, that's probably making a lot of difference. [9to5Google | Trusted Reviews]