Passengers Forced to Squint at Terrible Staff Handwriting After Gatwick's Info Screens Fail

By Tom Pritchard on at

Air travel isn't the most pleasant experience in the world. You have to get to the airport, deal with security, then hang around the overpriced shops and cafes while waiting for the gate information to pop up on a big electronic screen. So imagine the horror that must be unfolding at Gatwick today, where staff have been forced to roll out whiteboards and markers after an IT fail rendered those big screens inoperable.

According to Gatwick airport's Twitter account, the issue has been caused by a fault with Vodafone's IT systems - rendering the big screens inoperable. So staff have been forced to physically write on board while people crowd round hoping to find out which gate they're supposed to hanging around if they want to get to get to Spain on time.

From the looks of a video posted on Twitter, staff are communicating by radio and updating the board when they can. The tanoy system is clearly still in operation as well, which is presumably why staff haven't pulled out some megaphones to start shouting information at people. Naturally people have taken to social media to express their grievances, including the "tiny" whiteboard being the only source of information. That said others have said staff are trying to be helpful and make sure everyone gets where they need to be.

A Gatwick spokesperson told Sky News that only "a handful" of people have ended up missing their flights. The airport has promised that the fault will be fixed as soon as possible, but there isn't a set timeframe just yet. [Sky News]

Featured image credit: Edmund von der Burg/Twitter