People Are Still Watching Friends

By Gary Cutlack on at

Comfort-watch millennium cultural time capsule sitcom Friends is still baffling people with its popularity, as a new generation of viewers – watching solely through streaming services – have made it the most popular thing to watch via paid digital services.

According to some fairly impenetrable data released by Ofcom [PDF], Friends recorded more than twice as many streaming views as The Grand Tour during the first quarter of 2018, with the latter the second most streamed programme. Friends has an advantage in that all 2.7 million episodes of it were dumped on Netflix UK in one lump earlier this year, so there's quite the trove of Chandler being confused to get through.

The stats only cover the "subscription video on demand" part of the viewing sector, so there are probably some BBC Four documentaries about caravanning that have been watched more than Friends in 2018. The world's not that far gone yet. [Media nations [PDF] via Sky News]