Plastic Bags Might Soon Cost You Twice As Much

By Kim Snaith on at

We've still not got over the scandal of having to pay 5p for a carrier bag, but prepare to be doubly annoyed soon: a new report says that the price of a plastic carrier bag is set to rise to 10p. Ten whole pence.

The change is expected as part of the government's plans to decrease plastic pollution. And, according to the Independent, currently only retailers who employ over 250 people are required to charge for carrier bags. Under the new proposed 10p rule, all retailers will be enforced to charge the fee.

As annoying as the carrier bag fee may be for us consumers now having to try and remember to lug a Bag for Life with us everywhere we go though, some good has come out of it. The number of disposable carrier bags issued from major supermarkets has dropped by 86 per cent since 2015, and over £58.5 million has been donated to good causes directly from the money earned from carrier bags.

What is not made clear, however, is whether we'll be paying 10p for the crappy, less superior bags, or if all bags will become the half-decent bags with good handles that supermarkets already currently charge 10p for. Or will they go up to 20p? Heaven forbid!

The change has not been officially announced yet, but it's expected to be made soon. So do make doubly sure you've got your edgy "I'm Not Plastic" tote bag folded up in your pocket when you head out. [The Independent]