Posh Dating Site Sued Over Lack of Rich Men

By Gary Cutlack on at

A woman who signed up to an exclusive dating site for the super-rich in the hope she might meet a nice man with loads of money and an Instagram chest was disappointed by the size and quality of the gene pool offered, so sued the company. She won, in yet another insult to the few men who made themselves available in 2013.

47-year-old Tereza Burki joined dating operation Seventy Thirty, which says it offers a "...world class matchmaking service to a sophisticated and particular clientele" and asked Burki for a staggering £12,600 to join; money she paid in the hope she might be paired with a millionaire banker who could fly her around the world at the weekends and arrange for anything she might ever want to be delivered by Ocado. Apparently the site's used by neurosurgeons, CEOs, Film directors and interior designers, all of whom have provided suspiciously glowing unattributed quotes for the site.

Sadly, the site only had a pool of around 100 vaguely eligible men at the time she joined, of which zero met Burki's stringent demands for a fit and wealthy impregnator. A judge agreed she'd been "tricked" into paying to enter what was a rather shorthanded club of pasty blaggers, and she's been handed her subscription fee back plus £500 in damages. [Guardian]