Report Claims iPhone XI and XI Plus Will Have Apple Pencil Support

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier this week Samsung released an advert mocking the fact only iPads support the Apple Pencil - whereas the Galaxy Note 9 did. It was a pretty daft advert then, but it sounds even dafter now that we're hearing reports that the iPhone XI and XI Plus will have stylus support after all.

Taiwanese site Economic Daily News is the source of this report, citing unnamed 'industry insiders'. It also points out that only the two rumoured OLED models will be packing the stylus support, meaning the long-rumoured 6.1-inch LCD model will function the way Steve Jobs originally intended. I can only guess that this was a deliberate choice to either keep the cost of the LCD model down, or by using more advanced features to encourage people to buy the more expensive handsets. The iPad Pro has an LCD display, so it certainly shouldn't come down to display tech.

The question is whether or not the iPhone will have a smaller version of the Pencil than the iPad. After all the iPads do come with much larger displays, and the stylus itself was originally designed for drawing on a 13-inch device. Sticking with a stylus that's nearly the same length as a phone isn't the most sensible idea in the world, so for Apple's sake it should have a smaller one on the way. Assuming this report is actually true, that is.

It'll be interesting to see how Apple markets the Pencil for the iPhone at any rate. The screen isn't really going to be big enough to stick with the drawing theme, so that'll be far more difficult to spin. We'll just have to wait and see.

Apple is currently expected to launch its next range of iPhones sometime next month, but unfortunately we still don't know exactly when. [Economic Daily News via MacRumours]