Rumour Claims the Galaxy Note 9 Will Have the Same Camera as the S9+

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you've been paying attention to rumours about the Galaxy Note 9, you'll know that the phone isn't going to be a whole lot different from the S9 Plus which arrived earlier this year. That's not unusual, but apparently Samsung won't be doing its usual thing of trying to ensure the camera stands out. Not according to a rumour out of China is to be believed.

This bit of information comes from Ice Universe, who's been a great source of information where the Note 9 is involved. Whether all of them are accurate has yet to be seen, but considering how much they've leaked already I wouldn't be surprised if they had some sort of inside source.

As they say, the phone is likely to have the same chipset as the S9+ but it feels like that was already a given. For anyone who's forgotten the S9+ had an Exynos 9810 chipset in Europe, along with a 12 MP dual camera system that had a variable aperture of f/1.5-2.4. Assuming the front camera is also the same, it means the Note 9 will have an 8MP f/1.7 lens.

Some people might be a bit disappointed by that, but if keeping a 6-month old camera system helps keep costs down then I'm all for it. Smartphones cost far too much already, and the fewer frivolous features they have the better. [Ice Universe via Ubergizmo]