Ryanair Bounces Compensation Cheques in Most Ryanair Style Thing Ever

By Gary Cutlack on at

Passengers who found themselves and their flights disrupted in the wake of the Ryanair strike series of cancellations have found yet another way to be annoyed with the airline, thanks to some of its compensation cheques going out unsigned and being returned unpaid by their banks. Or bounced, as they used to say, back in the days before money was digitally grabbed out of accounts within seconds.

This usually attracts a hefty fee, as banks can do what they want to you because you didn't read the terms, taking Ryanair's already quite unhappy passengers to an entirely new level of unhappiness no doubt nearly approaching apoplectic. Ryanair has apologised, saying that a small batch of around 190 compensation cheques sent out in late July went out unsigned, and as modern people aren't particularly used to dealing with the weird letter money promise format, some didn't notice their cheques weren't signed and paid them in to their banks anyway.

This has left some facing unpaid cheque return fees of up to £20 each, which will make them even less likely to speak the R-word when making future travel plans. [BBC]