Ryanair is Cutting its Free Hand Luggage Allowance. Again

By Tom Pritchard on at

Recently Ryanair has been having a few problems. When it's not having to cancel flights for a variety of reasons, or insisting it doesn't have to compensate affected passengers, it's sending out unsigned compensation checks that land would-be passengers with bank fines. Now it's going to make itself eve more unpopular by reducing the hand luggage people can take into the cabin without paying. Again.

You may remember that something similar happened around this time last year, telling people they were taking advantage of this kindness and consistently trying to bring two large bags into the cabin to avoid check-in fees. So that means people weren't allowed to bring on regular-sized luggage and a second smaller bag, like a handbag or laptop bag, without paying extra.

But now there are new rules, set to come into force on 1st November, that declares all passengers are only allowed "one small piece of luggage" that has to fit under the seat in front of you. Those dimensions are up to 42 x 20 x 30 cm in case anyone was wondering, and no I don't know how that compares to the under-seat space offered by BA.

The reason for this change is the same as last year, with the airline claiming the amount of hand luggage people were bringing onto the plane was causing delays. Apparently last year's rule change didn't do much to improve things, though there has to be a point where you wonder whether the baggage isn't the issue. Still passengers will be able to bring a larger bag (up to 10kg) into the cabin, provided they're willing to pay £6 for the privilege. But Ryanair insists that's cheaper than checking in the bag.

So there we go. Ryanair is reducing the amount of stuff we can take into the cabin for (at least) the second year in a row. If this keeps happening it won't be long before we're only allowed to take a half-full bag for life and a small coat. All while the flights still don't leave on time. [Standard]