Sad Middle-Age Lego and Alcohol Shrines in Shed of the Year Running

By Gary Cutlack on at

It's that time of the year when we celebrate men who can't stand being contained within the regulated bricks and mortar structure of their actual houses where their actual families might be, with the 2018 Shed of the Year contest rounding up a selection of the finest – as in, the stupidest and most indulgent – garden sheds in the country.

It is therefore our sad duty to report that plenty of people have pubs in their gardens, because people who can afford big gardens might as well spend more of their money on a big shed too, because you can't take it with you, can you? A hippy-looking man has done something interesting with a boat hull because that's what all men with hair like that end up doing, a grey man has expanded his personal Lego shrine so that it now has double the capacity and resembles a small Butlin's in scale, and some idiot thinks a yurt is interesting enough to bother entering in a shed competition, because he's put a bed in it and now it's for glamping.

There are one or two heart-warming ones where a dad has built something nice for his children, but in four years' time they'll only want to be in the main house near a plug socket and a charger, so it'll be abandoned and will slowly rot away and crumble, like all of dad's dreams. Maybe then it'll be time to build a bigger shed. Or just a dig a big hole. Six foot deep. [Reader Sheds]