Sainsbury's is Bringing Back Those Lego Trading Cards You Saw, but Never Bought

By Tom Pritchard on at

Years ago, I remember supermarkets would give out school vouchers for every £5-£10 you spent in store. Apparently they still do that, but last year Saisnbruy's also started offering packs of Lego-themed trading cards as well. Spend £10 for four, £35 for two, or buy packs for 50p. Apparently those cards were a success, because they're being brought back this year too.

The 'Create the World Cards' weren't available for very long, but there were 140 different cards to collect and even a tie-in Lego set that you could buy in Sainsbury's branches up and down the country. I saw them plenty of times, and despite my fondness for the Danish brick I never bothered to pick up a single pack. Cards don't do much for me, unless they're Pokémon cards, bit even then there's a limit. But it seems I'm one of the minority, because Sainsbury's has tweeted out an image confirming wave two is on the way.

As the tweet says, Liking will make sure you're up to speed. In fact, the second you do some sort of Sainsbury's Lego bot will thank you for being so enthusiastic:

There's no word on when they're coming, how many cards there will be, or if there are any more tie-in sets, so we're just going to have to wait and see. Tie-in sets are probably guaranteed, and I would be surprised if the theme didn't change either. So keep an eye out, and we'll bring you more when we have it. [Brick Fanatics]