Samsung Says Galaxy S10 Won't Have 5G, Multiple Folding Phones on the Way

By Tom Pritchard on at

As we shuffle closer to the launch of 5G networks, more and more phone companies have been declaring their intention to get compatible devices to market. Lenovo claims it will be the first, Lenovo-owned Motorola will have a 5G mod for the Z3, the OnePlus 7 might be 5G-capable, and Huawei has confirmed there's something up its sleeve. Now Samsung has revealed some details about its 5G plans, or rather, which phone definitely won't come with support.

According to Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh, the company is hard at work collaborating with Korean networks to ensure it's the first company to launch a 5G phone. But he confirmed that the Galaxy S10 will not be that phone, which means the chances of it releasing the first 5G phone in the world are a lot slimmer.

Unless, of course, the company has a special phone planned ready for when South Korea's first 5G networks go live next March. Perhaps the folding Galaxy X, which is expected in January, will be that phone. Maybe it'll be something new or so uninspiring that the only thing that sets it apart is the 5G support. Koh wasn't very forthcoming with the details. VentureBeat points out that 5G is likely to be less efficient than 4G, and that could be a reason why Samsung is keeping the technology away from its flagship range. For now at least.

Koh also mentioned the long-awaited folding phone at the same time, suggesting that its release isn't too far away. He alluded to pressure from rival companies that have expressed their intent to beat Samsung's phone to launch, and confirmed that Samsung is “focusing on developing innovations that will be genuinely accepted and liked by consumers”. So it's not just a gimmick. Not really.

He also hinted Samsung was going to develop a whole range of folding devices, adding “we wouldn’t have started [the project] if it was going to be a one-time thing.”

So maybe this time next year we'll all be speculating about the Galaxy X2, and whether or not the Note 10 will have a 5G antennae inside. [VenureBeat]