Samsung Sneakily Revealed the Galaxy Note 9 Will be Released on 24th August

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's only a week until the Samsung Galaxy Note 9's official launch event, so the leaks are starting to come from official sources. Sources like Samsung itself, which stealthily announced that the Galaxy Note 9 will be arriving in the hands of consumers by 24th August.

This information was revealed on an official reservation page on the company's US site. It's one of those standard pages where people can hand over their personal information in exchange for updates on the phone as and when they're available. The small print also reveals filling out the form will let you reserve the right to buy the phone once pre-orders open.

Naturally the page tries to convince people to pre-order the device, telling them exactly why it's beneficial to get it early and not wait to see what the critics think. There's mention of a mysterious 'special offer', a deal offering up to $450 of trade-in credit, early access to the phone, and guaranteed delivery by 24th August. While not fully confirmed, it suggests that the phone will be released on 24th August and that early buyers will get there's slightly ahead of everyone else.

Samsung UK has a similar page, letting people sign up for updates, but there's nothing there about pre-ordering. That said it seems unlikely that Samsung would make some of its key markets wait longer for its newest phone, so we'll probably be getting it on 24th August as well. Or at least, you will if you get a pre-order once they open. The US page suggests orders will open on 10th August just after midnight, and close againĀ at 11:59pm on the 12th. [Trusted Reviews]