Samsung's Got Some New Apple-Bashing Ads, This Time Involving the Galaxy Note 9

By Tom Pritchard on at

Recently Samsung released a bunch of adverts going after the iPhone, featuring a fairly dimwitted-seeming Apple Store employee tackling customers that seen surprisingly knowledgeable about Samsung phones - despite shopping in an Apple store. Now there are two more, and they bring the newly-launched Galaxy Note 9 into the equation.

The first focuses on power, and features a conversation almost as strange as the last lot. That said I can certainly see someone wanting the Galaxy Note 9 for its power, without seeming to understand what that means.

The Galaxy Note 9's face unlock isn't nearly as advanced as Apple's, though, and the in-house salespeople would definitely know how to counter that argument with Apple's unique spin on the situation. They'd also know that the iPhone X is quite a powerful device too. Not as powerful as the Note 9, I'm sure, but it's not exactly a weak device from a hardware perspective. But, the guy does have a point. Why would you need to Facetime 32 people at once?

I'm pretty sure actual Apple employees would be better equipped to handle the S-Pen vs Apple Pencil debate as well:

That's not a solid argument, since the S-Pen is also limited to which devices it will work. It won't work with the Galaxy S9 either, but I suppose now that the Note 9 is here those devices are old news.

And those are the latest ads, and frankly they still don't seem very strong. The whole Apple-bashing thing seems to be running its course, and Samsung is going after really daft things this time. Can it not talk about how good the Note 9 is without resorting to being so petty every single time? [9to5Mac]