Scottish Car Manufacturing Restarts for Tall People Having a Midlife Crisis

By Gary Cutlack on at

This lovely car here is the Raptor RR, a vehicle best described as being a bit like a Caterham but longer, so it can fit tall people in. You also need to have a garage to keep it in for 363 days of the year and have up to £44,000 to spend on what is basically a massive toy to be at least the third car in the household.

The Scotland manufacturing connection comes from the company's founder and tall man Andy Entwistle, who plans to build the entire vehicle, chassis and everything, from a base in East Lothian. This would make it the first car to be completely built in Scotland since a factory churning out Talbots wisely decided to stop doing that in 1981.

Prices for the RR range between £22,000 and £44,000, depending on how powerful you want the thing's engine to be and whether you want to be terrified or merely a bit scared when taking it out for its twice-annual spin, or indeed if you want one tame enough to even be legally allowed on the roads at all. [Raptor RR via Autocar]