Scottish Games Cancelled for Hay

By Gary Cutlack on at

Again, we're here with some good news and some bad news about Extreme Heatwave 2018 and its effects on the country. The good news for one particular Scottish farmer is that it's been decent enough weather to get a hay crop in, the bad news is that it was so hot and dry – yes even in Scotland – that the grass grew more slowly than usual, hence the cancellation of this year's Invercharron Highland Games that really has to use that exact same hay field.

Fields are apparently hard to come by, as the organisers explained: "The farmer, whose field we use, grows his winter feed hay crop in the field and because of the exceptionally dry weather we have had, the crops are growing too slowly and as a result he will not be able to harvest before the games and the feed is urgently needed. There is not enough time for us to find another field nor apply for a new public entertainment licence so we have no alternative other than to cancel this year."

So there will be no tossing of cabers, pulling of ropes, sheep wrestling or whatever it is they do on September 15, but there will be dinner for sheep all winter, which is probably more important. [BBC]

Image credit: Unsplash