Superdrug Can Botox That Frown Away in Your Lunch Break

By Gary Cutlack on at

High street magic cream shop Superdrug has expanded its offerings in an extremely modern direction again, this time opening up an in-store mini surgery offering Botox and lip-plumping dermal procedures for women (and indeed probably men nowadays too we add in as an afterthought in case this article gets shared anywhere) who are looking to quickly kick themselves up a few rungs of the perceived societal norm ladder.

For just £99 you too can return to work with your sandwiches and crisps and drink and a weird expressionless celebrity face akin to an abused doll the police might use to ask where the old man touched you and if it hurt, if you live within commuting distance of London's flagship Superdrug in The Strand.

The caveat is that you have to be over the age of 25 for some presumably medical or consent or skin leatheriness or having-enough-money reason, with the chain's nurse-administered Skin Renew Service potentially arriving in other Superdrug branches in the future, should the people of London deem it an acceptable way to blow the few fractions of bitcoin left in their virtual wallets after the rent collector's been and Waitrose has dropped off the vegetables to be arranged and photographed for Instagram.

Superdrug's Caris Newson said by way of justification: "We’re listening to what people are telling us they would like which is the reassurance that if they choose to have aesthetic treatments then it will be administered by highly qualified nurse practitioners in a private consultation room." [Metro]